First Tutorship Enrolment

Enrolment is for the whole year, from September to August, regardless of the enrolment date.

First enrolments must be made in person at the offices of the Applied Physics Department. All the original documents required for admission must be submitted. If any of these documents cannot be submitted at the time of enrolment, the students must agree to submit them before the thesis submission. The form for making this agreement can be found at:

The following documents must also be submitted:

Both documents must be filled in and signed by the student and the thesis supervisor(s). If the thesis supervisor is not from the UPC, a tutor from the UPC will be required, and the form Appointment of a thesis supervisor external to the UPC [DDTF] must be filled in and signed.

Consecutive Tutorship Enrolments

All students must enrol yearly for doctoral tutorship. From the second year on, students may enrol and pay through the e-Secretaria.