Access Requirements

To be eligible to enter a doctoral programme, a candidate must hold an official Spanish bachelor's degree (or equivalent) and a master's degree.


For further information, see Access requirements



To apply for admission to a doctoral programme, please go to:


Fill in the forms and upload the following documents:


- Bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees.

- Identity card or passport

- Transcripts of bachelor’s degree and master’s degree

- Syllabuses

- Curriculum vitae

- Grantholder credentials if the candidate holds a grant. Further information about Spanish scholarships can be found at

- Any other relevant documents

All these documents must be legalized and translated, when required (see the section on the legalization of documents and qualifications).

Students must submit the original documents when they enrol.

Even if the admission requirements are fulfilled, admissions will be subject to the availability of one of the teachers of the doctoral programme to supervise the thesis.

The Academic Committee may require the student to do some additional training during the doctoral studies.


When students have been admitted to the doctoral programme, they will receive a letter of admission.