Research Plan

Before the end of the first year, doctoral students must develop a research plan in accordance with the stipulated format (for further information consult the department office). The research plans are presented during the Ph.D Workshops, which are held twice a year, in February and July.

The research plan must be registered at least one and a half months before the day of presentation. To do so, please fill in the Registration form for doctoral studies, including the title of the research plan, and hand it in at the department office.

It will be presented as a maximum in 5 pages in a single document with the established format. The language in which they can be defended before the court will be Catalan, Spanish and English, the latter preferably. The time will be 45 minutes set as follows: 20 minutes for the project's exposure and 20 for the question-time plus 5 minutes plus room for student change. Two research plans are attached as an example, which will be used as a guide for good practices:

 example1    example 2 

The registration of the Research Plan will be formalized in person in person. The printed form must be duly completed and signed by the student, the thesis director and the tutor (in case the director is not from the UPC) and will include the title of the doctoral thesis Research Plan.

Students must send their research plan to the department office in PDF format 20 days before the workshop.